Roads closing

The COVID Diaries – 49 16 May

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has announced he is closing some of the busiest roads in the city.

His plan to close large areas of London to cars and vans will create one of the largest car-free areas in any city in the world.

“Many Londoners have rediscovered the joys of walking and cycling during lockdown”, Sadiq Khan said. “By quickly and cheaply widening pavements, creating temporary cycle lanes and closing roads to through traffic we will enable millions more people to change the way they get around our city.”

He confirmed that the changes would cause disruption for many Londoners but said he had no choice but to rapidly redesign London’s streets for people.

“By ensuring our city’s recovery is green, we will also tackle our toxic air, which is vital to make sure we don’t replace one public health crisis with another.”

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