The nation salutes a hero

The COVID Diaries – 282 3rd February

This evening at 6pm people across the nation joined together to clap for Captain Sir Tom Moore who died yesterday at the age of 100.

Sir Tom, a veteran of the Second World War, had captured Britain’s imagination last year when he raised more than £30m for NHS related charities. In April 2020, wearing three military medals, he walked 100 laps of his garden in April 2020.

He cannot have anticipated the media coverage this would generate. Here was a story of hope at a desperately difficult time. Before he completed the final part of his 2,530 yard walk, he was saluted by four soldiers of the Yorkshire Regiment, witnessed by television viewers around the world.

An RAF flypast was to follow as he sat in his garden on his 100th birthday on 30th April.

. “Raising a clenched fist, I punched the air and cheered along with everyone else, thrilled to bits by this timely reminder of all that helps make this country great,” he wrote after the event.