Winging it

The COVID Diaries -67 3rd June

There seems to be a growing sense of unease among Conservative backbenchers in parliament about the performance of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. The Labour leader Keir Starmer, by accusing Johnson of “winging it” and needing to “get a grip”, has successfully focussed on doubts that the government is sufficiently competent.

It increasingly looks as though the government is incapable of organising the proverbial p…up in a brewery, having bungled the timing of the lockdown, the distribution of personal protective equipment, the decision to stop community testing for the virus, the failure to produce a track and trace app, and now a belated quarantine for people arriving in the UK.

The sense of a government not in control of events has been exacerbated by Johnson’s sporadic absence and speculation he has yet to fully recover from his very serious bout of Covid-19.

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